Who is… Super Sonico?

super sonico

… and is she going to win the battle of virtual idols against Hatsune Miku?

Super Sonico (すーぱーそに子) is a female character created in 2006 by Nitroplus. During 7 years, she stayed confined in a narrow niche of sexy/erotic figure collecting otaku audience but things are slowly changing and it seems like Super Sonico is now ready to be The Next Big Thing of the otaku world (the Hatsune Miku successor maybe?).

In the spawn of the enormous popularity gained by Vocaloid characters like Hatsune Miku, Nitroplus company decided to create its own virtual singing idol. To differentiate its newly born character from its rivals, Nitroplus deliberately made Super Sonico ULTRA sexy, to the verge of pure Hentai.

super sonico summer super sonico shower super sonico nurse super sonico maid
Hentai TerritoryRace Queen, Shower, Nurse and Maid

As you could have guessed with the illustrations above, Nitroplus was obviously targeting at the most ‘die-hard’ and deep fringe of japanese otakus. Hatsune Miku having become popular even amongst the mainstream, Nitroplus knew that the radical fans were already looking for a new character to call strictly their own. Someone the general public wouldn’t know before a few years.

Because otakus are exclusive with their virtual girlfriends you know.

And Super Sonico became this new beloved character.

The character design is, in the manner of  Hatsune Miku, pure genius : catchy and immediately recognizable. At first glance, Super Sonico looks like any character Japan produced but still stands out in the crowd. With her pink hair, cute headphones and oversized breasts, she had everything to succeed.

She also manages to combine the cute and pure facet of lolicon (exactly what you crave when you enter a Maid Cafe in Akihabara) and a very agressive sexy appeal (exactly what you crave when you… hum, let’s stop here ok?).

Next thing you know, a wave of goodies floods the market :

daki makura super sonico lolita maid super sonico mouse pads

Dakimakura, shower posters, oppai mouse pads, oshiri mouse pads, PVC figures, keychains… Everything you can imagine (and certainly more!) has been made to her image. But it’s only the beginning because in 2010, Super Sonico started the band Daiichi Uchuu Sokudo (第一宇宙速度) with two other girls : Suzu Fujimi and Furu Watanuki. The band already released two albums and four singles.

Not bad for a band who does not exist in what we call reality in our spatial dimension.

Once again, in order to avoid the Vocaloid comparison, Nitroplus has been smart. Daiichi Uchuu Sokudo sounds very different from the electro music made with the Vocaloid softwares. It’s basically a rock band. I would say more, it’s a power trio (as rock critics like to say).

Nothing strange when you see that Super Sonico favorite bands include Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth (really?!), The Clash and even Iggy And The Stooges.

Punk rock.

Super Sonico already dethroned the loli-goth character Satsurikuin Ooka (which was kinda dull to say the least) from the position of Image Character for the company NitroPlus.

Next thing to know : is Daiichi Uchuu Sokudo will break into the mainstream?

And, is Super Sonico going to be the next japanese otaku culture icon?


To Be Continued…



  1. Kimmy

    I know that everyone has their own opinions, but this is gross… :c Why does everyone like her so much? Like… I understand that a sexy character can attract fans, but to me she seems overly sexy to the point where it’s just disgusting.

  2. Ganguro

    Craving for more information about Sonico-chan! ;D

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