A walk through… NAKANO


…Otaku Town by day, Shitamachi By Night…

Nakano is a neighborhood in Tokyo well known by otakus. The Nakano Broadway Mall is the second biggest place to get otaku goods after the electric town of Akihabara. The narrow streets around the mall also have a great vibe to it. Nakano is a typical ‘shitamachi’, dirty and exciting, with many tiny bars and restaurants. You can find any kind of food, various themed bars (Costume Pub, Otaku Bar, Video Game Bar, 80’s idols Bar…) and old-fashioned snack bar and kyabakura.

Shopping at day and drinking at night, Nakano is one of my favourite place in Tokyo.

I will introduce you to some of the most interesting stores later but let’s start today with a batch of photos I took during the last months.


Shitamachi Nakano Nakano By Night Cheapest Bookstore in Tokyo! Kuroneko Nakano Maid Cafe Nakano Broadway Toy Store Game Center UFO Catcher Hatsune Miku Super Sonico X Namco @ Nakano Underground Cosplay Bar AniSong DJ Bar @ Nakano

Nakano Broadway Collectibles Store

4th floor of Nakano Broadway Mall tiny toys in tiny stores vintage stuff @ Nakano Broadway Mall

World Kaikan Building Otaku Sex Shop



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