What is… Graphig?


…making Origami the new trend of the Hobby world!

Graphig (グラフィグ – Gurafigu) may become the new otaku trend of 2013. Contraction of the words Graphic Design and Figures, the Graphig Toys mix the traditionnal art of origami with stylish character design.

All the Graphig Toys offer chibi super-deformed versions of well-known characters (Hatsune Miku, Tiger & Bunny, Madoka Magica, Persona, The Idolm@ster…) . A niche already taken by the Nendroid Figures of Good Smile Company at the slight difference that Graphig Toys are made exclusively of paper!

The Graphig Paper Toys consist solely of one sheet of hard colored paper that you have to fold to create your figure.

gurafigu sheet

gurafigu complete

The figures can be made in approximatively 15 minutes. The result is really cool-looking and you also get a bit of pride by participating in the craft of it.

Some figures also come with replaceable faces :

naruto graphigNaruto graphig different face

Like the Kubrick before them, the Graphig will certainly be the hot items to collect during this year. The designs are good, the concept is fun and the characters selection makes sense.

And a selection of the collection is now available at the DIRECT JAPAN WEB SHOP!

Hatsune Miku Graphig Hatsune Miku K-On! Graphig megurine ruka hatsune miku graphig vocaloid figure



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