Best Selling Otaku Goods in Japan – January 2013


…Weekly Otaku Goods Top 10 Ranking! 

10 – Supercell feat. Hatsune Miku – World is Mine 1/8 Scale Figure (Good Smile Company)

Hatsune Miku World Is Mine figure

The first version of this figure sold out pretty fast so Good Smile Company decided to make a second one. The only difference will be the frame around the bed which will be brown (the first one was beige). Except this minor change, expect the usual high-quality standard from Good Smile Company.
The ‘World Is Mine’ version figure is definitely part of the top 10 Hatsune Miku figures ever released. It has this dreamlike feeling to it that makes you forget that it is only made of PVC…

Also, the figure is framed but you can also separate the two parts and arrange Hatsune Miku at your will. But as the frame was also the object of a special attention (the texture of the sheets, petals and the mini-headphones are here to prove it), it would be a shame to not display them together. And you don’t get framed figures that often, do you?

9 – Neige (Shining Tears) – PVC 1/7 Scale Figure (Orchidseed)

Neige - Shining Tears

No need to say : japanese otakus know their stuff. This beautiful 1/7 scaled figure of Neige from Shining Tears (RPG lovers will know) really deserve your attention, if not your hard-earned money.
Every little detail has been taken care of, the painting is incredibly delicate, the texture of the cape is strikingly realistic and the general posture of the character makes it a pleasure to look at. Orchidseed may not be the most famous Hobby brand from Japan but they always deliver items which shows love and labor. This item is no different.

Order at our shop!

8 – 89 Chûsensha (Girls Und Panzer) – 1/35 Scale (Fine Molds)

89 Girls Und PanzerA tank model designed from the recent popular series Girls Und Panzer. I’m not a big fan of tanks nor model kits (except if it is a bad-ass mecha if you know what I mean) so I cannot say much about this one. I guess the fans and the armored vehicles otakus will enjoy it. For my part, I’ll pass on this one.

7 – Kirino Kosaka (Ore no imôto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai) – PVC 1/7 Scale Figure (Kotobukiya)

Kirino Kousaka Figure KotobukiyaThis is more into my field of expertise. Kawaii character, suggestive pose, swimsuit…
Everything is here to make this Kotobukiya figure a new gem in your collection!

Kirino Kousaka Kotobukiya summer swimsuit

6 – V Gundam version KA (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack) – MG 1/100 RX-93 (Bandai)


Speaking of bad-ass mecha, this is the KA version of the RX-Gundam from Char’s Counterattack. Bandai, Master Grade, Awesome. Do I need to add something?

Order it from DIRECT JAPAN web shop!

5 – Akiresu AX-00 (Danball Senki) – Hyper Function LBX (Bandai)

Danball Senki Limited edition Akiresu

Danball Senki (Little Battlers eXperience) is not that famous in the west. TV anime and mecha RPG at the same time, Danball Senki propose very original mecha designs. This model kit from Bandai Corporation is a limited edition of the LBX Achilles. It is, as usual, a fully articulated pre-painted plastic model kit of high-quality. The hardcore fans of the mecha genre probably can’t wait to get their hands on this item.

This model kit is mostly remarkable by the many customizations possible, you can make a skeleton version, a ‘naked’ version, a full armored version… Add or replace weapons and accessories… There’s no way you’ll grow bored out of your mecha.

Order here!

4 – Tallgeese I EW (Gundam Wing : Endless Waltz) – MG 1/100 OZ-00MS (Bandai)

MG 1-100 OZ-00MS

Another model-kit in this week TOP 10. And another Gundam related item also. Hard to grab how much the japanese love the Gundam saga but the quality of any Bandai product can still be appreciated by anybody though. If I’m not mistaken, the Gundam Wing series had quite some following in the west so this model kit may interest some non-japanese otakus as well.
Anyway, this is the best-selling mecha model kit of the week. Congratulations to the Tallgeese I EW!

3 – Chiaki Minami (Minami-ke) – Nendroid (Good Smile Company)

nendroid minami chiaki

A new Nendroid figure! Yay!
I just love this collection of Chibi designed figures by Good Smile Company. They, indeed, put a good smile on my face each time I see one of their new creation. Chiaki Minami (from the light-hearted anime Minami-ke) looks cuter than ever as a Nendroid! It doesn’t hurt to see her in her school uniform either!
As usual, you can replace her face (three versions are furnished in the box) and play with accessories (hat, bag, little bear…).
This is the last of the three sisters from the family Minami to be released so the fans can finally have the complete set and recreate scenes from the anime.

2 – Nyaruko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san) – FIGMA (Max Factory)

Nyaruko FIGMA N°160The new member of the big FIGMA family is Nyaruko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. If this character isn’t really famous in the west yet, it’s the opposite in Japan. This figure sells really fast!
Everyone is now used to Max Factory level of quality for its FIGMA collection (Nyaruko is Figma #160 by the way). For those who are not familiar with this collection, Figma figures are fully articulated and come with lots of accessories. They’re a bit like the ‘adult’ version of Nendroid.
Nyaruko comes with three different faces and a lot of weapons to play with. Her charisma is particulary well rendered.
Check the possible variations :

nyaruko 1 nyaruko 2 nyaruko

Order it from DIRECT JAPAN!

1 – Danboard (Yotsuba to!) – Mini Box Version (Revoltech)


And this week’s winner is…. DANBOARD, the cardboard character from Yotsuba to!
The manga, started in 2003, is still very popular in Japan and Danboard know a lot of different version as a toy or a figure. The Mini Box version is cheap and nice-looking which explains easily its success.
This figure is sold-out right now but will be re-released in march 2013. We’ll try to get some stock for you, dear readers!


Until next week… STAY OTAKU!



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