IDOL NEWS – AKB48 The ‘Minami Gate’!

AKB48 minami

…Crime & Punishment, the AKB48 way!

This is the news of the day in Japan : AKB48 member Minami Minegishi (20 years old), who broke the ‘No Boyfriend‘ golden rule of the idol business with a member of GENERATIONS (an EXILE sub-unit if i’m not mistaken), shaved her head as a sign of repentance and posted an apology video on Youtube.

Minami Minegishi, one of the most popular AKB48 member, said she took this decision alone after a magazine revealed she spent a night at the hotel with Aran Shirahama (19 years old) and that she wasn’t ordered to do so by her management staff.

The video :

Minami Minegish : living the idol dream, the samurai way.

Now let’s see if her “boyfriend” will dress in a bikini as repentance. That would be great.



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