Illustration Books / Artbooks News : Tiger & Bunny, Madoka Magica, Hatsune Miku

hatsune miku kei

… New illustration books on Tokyo bookstores’ shelves! 

Let’s start with ‘Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning’, a soft-cover illustration book from the eponymous Japanese animated sensation.

tiger bunny the beginning

This is the perfect book for the fan who doesn’t want to ruin himself. This publication has more than enough beautiful full-color illustrations and other preparatory design works to make it worth its price. If you lived under a rock for the last few months, note that Tiger & Bunny also benefits from the amazing character design by Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, I’s, Shadow Lady, Zetman…). This ‘Official Hero Book’ is focused on the full-length movie.

78 pages, soft cover.


Next is ‘Madoka Magica The Illustrated Book’.

madoka magica the illustrated book

This one I will definitely get for my own collection! I’m a sucker for Magical Girls and Madoka Magica is one of the best anime I’ve seen in the genre.

Every character is distinct and almost equally cute (even if I really like Akemi Homura way more than the other girls) so I can’t wait to get my hands on this soft-cover artbook. This is a collection of Madoka Magica illustrations by 55 different mangakas. They all put their own sensibility and vision into the MadoMagi universe so I guess there will be some surprising interpretations!

I don’t feel like Magical Girls anime are that popular in the west (I thought american otakus love this kind of characters…) but I still decided to include this publication in today’s article.

Soft cover, 112 pages


The last book is a no brainer. Every Vocaloid fan / Hatsune Miku lover must get this :

mikucolor hatsune miku by kei

Mikucolor by KEI.

A memorial illustration book for Miku’s 5th anniversary!

Full-color full-page illustration which will suck you up Miku’s fantasy world. One of the best Miku artbook ever released to this day in my opinion. Soft-cover, 127 pages. Must-have.





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