Neon Genesis Evangelion X Pentax Q10

Pentax EVA

…The ultimate camera for Evangelion fans! 

Pentax will release a very limited EVANGELION edition of their Q10 digital camera in April 2013.

Three versions will be available in very few quantities : The Rei Ayanami Version (blue), The Asuka Langley Version (red) and the EVA-01 Version (purple).

The EVANGELION edition of the Q10 camera will only be available in Japan, through internet or at the Harajuku Evangelion Store. The price is 59.800 yens.

As Neon Genesis Evangelion is still very popular in Japan, you can be sure the three versions will be sold-out pretty fast. So if you feel like you absolutely need this item to fully appreciate your otaku lifestyle, you’d have to pre-order. Direct Japan is ready to help you if you’re not living in Japan. Get in touch through the comment section if you’re interested.

Anyway, tough choice between the three colours… they’re all beautiful :

pentax evangelion asuka version pentax evangelion n1 version pentax evangelion rei version



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