Cu-Poche : Kotobukiya’s Answer To Nendoroid Figures

CU-POCHE… And so, Chibi Figures war began!

A few years ago Good Smile Company started a chibi-designed character figure collection called Nendoroid. Non-scaled, super-deformed, articulated figures delivered with a batch of accessories (set of faces, hands, small items specific to the character…). A brand new concept dripping with awesomeness but the bigger hobby brands did not seem to care that much.

yuki ichigo mikuNendroid Snow Miku – Strawberry White Kimono (2013 Wonder Festival Limited) 

300 Nendoroid figures and an astounding success later, Bandai and Kotobukiya decided to catch up on the trend and launched their own chibi figures collection.

Bandai started the Chibi Arts series which has been pretty much a big failure so far. Only a few characters from mainstream anine has been released (One Piece, Tiger and  Bunny…) and except a fabulous Momoiro Clover Z set, nobody seems to care.  The figures are not fully movable (only a few body parts have ball joint articulations), the accessories are not very detailed and the overall feeling is terribly lacking in cuteness. In Tokyo you can find the Chibi Arts figures in used toy stores for about 10 dollars.

Now is Kotobukiya‘s turn to enter the competition. Kotobukiya is a very well established high-quality figure maker in Japan. The brand is specialized in non-movable PVC figurines. It is known for its savoir-faire and high standard of quality control. Basically, you cannot be disappointed when purchasing a Kotobukiya item.

The new collection is called Cu-Poche and will be launched in April 2013.

Here is the presentation leaflet :

madomagi-1 madomagi-2

The figures are 11cm tall, have 12 articulations, three different faces and some accessories (this point is not detailed so wait and see).

Also, there are magnets under the feet. This way, you can make the figure take any position you want. The possibilities seem almost limitless so you won’t grow bored out of your item.

The figures are detailed and cute but I still find the Nendoroid kind of design more attractive. I don’t know but I feel like something is lacking… But I’d rather wait to see the real thing before giving any judgment.

Anyway the first character (Haruka Amami from The idolm@aster) will be sold at 3.675 yens.

The second one (Madoka from Mado Magi) doesn’t have a price yet.

Expect characters from Fate / Zero and OreImo in the near future!

c2 Cu-poche-Kaname-Madoka-17 Cu-poche-Kousaka-Kirino-013 Cu-Poche-Saber-Fate-Stay-Night-Kotobukiya-7 FIG-MOE-8415_09



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