FIGURE NEWS : FIGMA – Aegis The Ultimate Version (Persona 4 – The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena)


…the long-awaited Aegis Ultimate FIGMA is available! 

With the release of PERSONA 4 – The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena (XBOX 360) comes the release of new figures of our beloved characters!

Available from today is this awesome figure of Aegis with all her weapons in the famous FIGMA collection.

ref5-28723 o0530053012121720419 B12805619LL4 61H3y648VrL._AA1210_

Fully articulated and coming with numerous accessories (mask, weapons, faces, hands…), this figure is 14cm tall and will please any PERSONA 4 fan. The design couldn’t be closer to the original and a great amount of work has been put in every detail.

This Ultimate version might be the last FIGMA of Aegis so don’t miss your chance of getting it!

DIRECT JAPAN has it available for sale starting today, check it here :




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