graphig exhibition @ Nakano, Pixiv Zingaro


…Graphig Paper Toys, ready to conquer the world!…

A few weeks ago, I was telling you about what is certainly going to be a big trend of the hobby world in 2013 : Graphig Paper Toys.

Mixing traditionnal origami (japanese paper craft) with pop design and popular anime characters, Graphig Paper Toys are fun to assemble and great to look at.

A small (and free!) exhibition is held right now at the Pixiv Zingaro space in the Nakano Broadway. Every piece created in the Graphig collection can be seen while a few exclusive items have been created for the occasion.

There is also a ‘create your own graphig’ contest. Blank pre-cut Graphig boards are available for anyone to draw his own design and assemble a new figure. The winner will have his toy as the newest addition to the catalogue.

But enough with the talking, let’s look at some pictures :


Exhibition entrance


A part of the already huge Graphig catalog


Gotta catch ’em all!


DIRECT JAPAN CONTEST : name every character on this picture!


Christmas K-ON! Naruto, Madoka Magica


Bodacious Space Pirates, Hatsune Miku


Graphig collection has A LOT of Hatsune Miku!


Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)


Snow Miku 2013


Sonic The Hedgehog (sold out unfortunately…)


Hatsune Miku Mecha Custom


Another mecha custom

I couldn’t resist and brought two characters at the office. The whole assemblage part took around 15 minutes for each one and the paper figures simply looks beautiful!

IMG_3002 IMG_2990


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  1. These are too awesome lol =)


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