OTAKU TOKYO GUIDE – Evangelion Store Tokyo 01 @ Harajuku

title pic… Heaven for EVA fans…

Most of Neon Genesis Evangelion fans may already know about this place but I feel I had to include it in our Otaku Tokyo Guide. The Evangelion Store is situated in Tokyo fashion district Harajuku and offers on two different levels everything a true EVA fan need to live a fulfilled life.

From chopsticks to T-shirts and model kits, mugs, books and figures, the EVA Store also have a lot of exclusive items (understand it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them anywhere else). It is a bit weird to see fashion brands and recognized artists collaborates with what was considerated as the ultimate otaku masterpiece a few years ago but it seems that this era is completely over and Evangelion has now become a mainstream (should i say fashionable?) franchise.

And so, almost every item sold there is quite expensive.

Anyway, I just let you feel the atmosphere of the place with a few pictures (most of them are taken from the official website because, as many stores in Japan, it is forbidden to take photographs inside the shop) :

evangelion store apparel evangelion store inside large evangelion store inside evangelion store neon Evangelion store second floor display evangelion store second floor large IMG_1429 IMG_1430

Access and information :

Tokyo, Shibuya-Ku, Jingumae 1-8-23

Tel : 03-5474-3310

Open : 10:00 ~ 19:00



  1. Mairo

    this store closed!

  2. Anyone have the webpage or U.S. ordering infor for the store???
    Thanks. Tan.


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