Direct Japan Booth at Megacon 2013

For the first in our company young history, we held a booth at a convention! More than that, a convention abroad!  The Megacon in Orlando, Florida!

0315 (1)

There has been a lot of work and time lag but it was definitely worth it as we really enjoyed the experience. We learned a lot and, even if we made some small mistakes due to inexperience (you got to learn the hard way right?), the whole thing went smoothly and gave us enough confidence to make a booth reservation for next year.

But first, on behalf on the whole Direct Japan staff, I would like to thank everyone who came to our booth, talked with us, purchased figures and snacks and let us took pictures of their awesome cosplays.

0314 (9)  IMG_8323
0314 (6)
Preparing the booth

IMG_8332 IMG_8333 IMG_8339
THE BOOTH! (looks good, right?)

Our giant Totoro was definitely the star of the show!

We didn’t have much time to wander around to see the events and other vendors but we still managed to escape our work obligations to check a few ones :

IMG_8471 IMG_8434 IMG_8456IMG_8426

Our main mistake was not to bring enough figures to the United States. We thought that american comics characters were way more popular than anime ones but we ran out of Dragonball, One Piece and Evangelion items pretty fast. It was also funny to see that american and japanese tastes in matter of collectibles can be slightly different.

Where japanese otakus love chibi designs and SD figures, american fans would rather buy scaled and ‘realistic’ figurines. Well, now we know and we will offer more FIGMA-like items next year!

Anyway, the highlight for me was all the crazy cosplayers, everyone of them friendly and fun to talk to.

Here is a little picture gallery :

IMG_8508 IMG_8511 IMG_8513 IMG_8524 IMG_8382 IMG_8381 IMG_8380

So, despite the time lag and being exhausted for three straight days, we had a blast at Megacon! We met nice people (some of them were incredibly well informed about japanese figure brands and new releases!) and we hope to see you all once again next year!



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