COSPA – Ultimate Otaku Lifestyle Brand

cospa-at-otaku-houseOtaku… More than fashion, it’s a lifestyle! 

As much as I love figurines, action figures and other collectible toys, it comes a time when one man doesn’t have any more space on his shelves to put new PVC goodness (especially in Japan where the apartments are so small) and has to admit that he already owns way too many items. But still cannot resist to buy stuff related to his favorite characters and series.

This is when the otaku meets Cospa, the ultimate brand which offers vital and/or pointless goods.

Cospa is known for the high-quality and the originality of its catalogue. Neckties, bed sheets, t-shirts, mugs, cosplay accessories, towels, posters, calendars, plush dolls… You can virtually find anything at Cospa. But the best thing is that the brand doesn’t limit itself to the most popular anime and characters but also dig into the inmost depths of the contemporary japanese culture.

As it would be too tedious to just enumerate the newest Cospa products, let’s take a look at the weirdest, utterly WTF and completely useless (and therefore absolutely necessary) items they released lately.

Here we go for my own personal




Sword Art Online Necktiesword art online necktie 1

Because otaku doesn’t necessarily means hikkikomori (check wikipedia if you don’t know what it means), you will eventually need to find yourself a proper job or attend your sister’s wedding.

On these occasions, a full print Nyaruko shirt won’t fit in (believe me, i tried it before). But if you still feel the urge to scream at the world your love for Asuna, now you can bear this fabulous necktie with pride.

I find it quite classy to be honest.



k-on! belt84123

Another fashion accessory, a bit more flashy but still discreet, for those of you who prefer show their love for anime on the lower part of their body (hum hum…).

God bless Cospa, you can now be closer than ever to the 5 K-On! members!



code geass eye maskJust for the pleasure to freak out your neighbor during your next long plane flight to Japan!



eva rei plugsuit eva plug suit 1

COSPA is also known for being one of the most experimented (and expensive) cosplay outfit maker. Proof are these custom-made suits.

6.000 USD to get the legendary Rei Ayanami plug suit (Asuka and Mari’s versions are also available for the same price). Pricey but can you put a price on having the most awesome cosplay costume at the next 50 conventions you will go to?


GUNDAM – Zaku Hoodie Blouson 

81873 81874 81875

For those who at least once dreamed about becoming a Zaku, this hooded parka will be the must-have fashion item for 2013. Too bad the winter is over already…

But seriously… What are they thinking?


Well, i hope you had fun looking at these few products. Drop me a line if you’d like to purchase something, I’m going to the Cospa Akihabara store on a weekly basis!


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