SONG OF THE DAY – Alice Juuban / Zenkai Hero

alice juubanDoes Jason Voorhees listen to J-Pop? 

Starting today I will try to offer you a new song everyday. Mostly idol music but I won’t limit myself to this specific genre. Anyway, today is Alice Juuban with their newest song : “Zenkai Hero“.

Alice Juuban is a minor idol unit performing mostly in Akihabara with the most badass gimmick possible : the 9 girls are the first slasher movie themed idol unit ever!!

Hockey masks ala Jason, chainsaws, hammers, knives, machetes… Alice Juuban have the complete arsenal of the perfect wild and reckless murderer straight out of an 80’s B-horror flick.

Their latest single is a split CD with Steamgirls (a steampunk themed idol unit!) and offers a nice mix between gross nu-metal riffs, catchy sing-along choruses and cheesy heavy-metal guitar solo. Add cute dancing smiling japanese girls and you get one of the weirdest thing I’ve seen lately.

Either you hate it or you become an hardcore fan.

Your choice.

Kamen Joshi Single CD

Alice Juuban / Steamgirls split single CD
Kamen Joshi


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