SONG OF THE DAY – Yuki Saitou / Sotsugyou

yuki saito sotsugyoFeel that 80’s J-Pop flavor!

As you may have realized if you happen to get out of your room to enjoy a bowl of fresh air between two anime episodes, spring is here.

And spring is the japanese season par excellence with the cherry blossoms, hanami and graduation ceremonies playing the main roles in a very stereotypical (still completely true) stage play.

Flowers are not the only to burgeon during spring in Japan ;  seasonal songs also usually take over the record sales rankings. More than an undeniable proof of every pop music composer, it is a tradition.

Since the birth of japanese pop music, spring hit songs have been crafted, recorded and sold to the public. Generally with satisfying results.

Today’s song is ultra-cute singer and actress Yuki Saitou’s 1985 debut single ‘Sotsugyou’ (Graduation). Hard to make a more cliche title. Still, it is a very solid song with a catchy chorus and an overall melancholic vibe. Sotsugyou became a hit this year and Yuki Saitou went on becoming the first Saki Asamiya in the cult TV show Sukeban Deka (a drama about an infiltrated teenager cop using her yo-yo as a weapon… i.e. total 80’s greatness!).

img_241622_20535135_0Sukeban Deka

She has also recorded the opening (or was it the ending?) theme for Maison Ikkoku based on the famous Rumiko Takahashi’s love-comedy manga.

But let’s stop the talking and enjoy these 4:44 minutes of sweet pop music :

See you tomorrow for another song!



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