Momoiro Clover Z – 5th Dimension Countdown…

tumblr_mkbceh8t6H1qf4yc3o1_1280… 4 days before the most awaited J-Pop album of 2013 gets released!… 

2013. April. 10th.

Still 2 days to go before being able to hold 5th Dimension by Momoiro Clover Z in my hands.

I can’t really understand how a record can get me so excited. Well, Momoiro Clover Z first album ‘Battle And Romance’ has been a favorite of mine since its release until now. I couldn’t wait until the next full album so I grabbed every single, every live DVD and every stupid Momoiro goods I could find (manga, Q-tips, T-shirts, photobook, trading cards…)

Basically, I became a Mononofu and I am afraid there is no way back for me. I breathe, eat, drink and sleep Momoiro Clover Z.

So yes, I am excited about the release of 5th Dimension.

Anyway, the different versions of the record artwork has been released and they just look awesome.

The new concept behind the record (like a weird sci-fi flick meeting a female wrestling competition with some esoteric stuff thrown in for good measure) is simply amazing.

5th dimension CD Only

Regular CD-Only version

5th dimension 2CD

2CD version (regular album + live @ Tokyo Zepp)

5th dimension CD+DVD

CD+DVD version.

I pre-ordered the 2CD version because it contains a live recording from the show with Soutaiseiriron at Tokyo Zepp (and it includes cover of Momoe Yamaguchi and Tsukasa Itou songs!). A show I really wanted to go to but it got sold-out too fast and the only way to get a ticket was to participate in some sort of lottery. Of course, I tried my chance twice and, of course I didn’t get my precious ticket.


The track-list is :


5 songs are already been released :

Mugen No Ai (featuring former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman)
Roudousanka (a great funky tune)
Otome Sensou (written by Soutaiseiriron vocalist Yakushimaru Etsuko)
Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi Yo (written by former Boowy guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu)
Neo Stargate (as a preview Music Video which disappointed me a bit)

Let’s just hope that the new songs will be as good as Otome Sensou or Roudousanka…


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