meichanWebstore Big Update : Pullip, Hello Kitty, Totoro and Adult Doujinshi!

This week, we are working mainly on our new webstore. Please visit us if you are looking for any kind of otaku goods. We have figures, dolls, video games, bento boxes, snacks, Evangelion shoes and Cthulhu T-Shirts… In a word, almost everything you need to fulfill your otaku life!

Anyway, it takes time to upload our full back catalog to this new platform so it may seem like we don’t have a wide choice of items. If you are looking for something specifically, drop us a line (here or on the webstore or even by email at :

This week, we uploaded a selection of Groove’s Pullip dolls :

 41dr-mpWxDL__35719.1365142329.1280.128041BrkZ3eA2L__12916.1364186998.1280.128041o-3HX9VRL__17383.1364353352.1280.1280 41scSN%252B4BKL__77552.1365142181.1280.1280

We also put up some cute stuff for you to live a complete kawaii lifestyle. And when you speak about cute and Japan, Hello Kitty is still the queen of the game. Sanrio keeps on releasing some really unexpected Kitty related goods and we had fun looking for some of them :

31uMtmqT6QL__19530.1365569327.1280.1280  41y5yh2Eh1L__19606.1365568870.1280.1280 51zqi8Mw1eL__20635.1365569118.1280.1280

But we also found some nice Studio Ghibli related items, like these mini-puzzles with the movies posters designs :

51Bpsq3B6tL__31300.1365411290.1280.1280 51gQ41Fmj3L__80798.1365411358.1280.1280 51j3v0imy3L__25269.1365411050.1280.1280 51LRnM0VMRL__85600.1365411458.1280.1280

But also some nice bento lunch boxes :

41a3Zq2ru%252BL__25525.1365556700.1280.1280 41-zpY9t2NL__42487.1365569944.1280.1280

We also started a pre-order system so you can get the figures you are waiting for cheaper than after their release. We know the wait is long and hard but it is always worth it to pre-order popular figures. This way you are sure to get them even if they get sold-out really fast. And the price is always cheaper.


So please have a look and come back often because we will update this section with regularity :



And last but not least, we decided to try to build a doujinshi section.

We already have doujin materials from series like Accel World, Sword Art Online, Street Fighter, Dead Or Alive, Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Prince Of Tennis…

Most of them are adult-oriented but we also have a few soft yaoi doujinshi and a few PG ones, suitable for everyone. We will expand our offer in doujinshi depending on the demand. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to send us a message!

doujinshi - Accel World - DL 67 20p 420 doujinshi - Evangelion - EVA Asuka - popin'rabbit circle - 36p 779 doujinshi - Madoka Magica - Maho Shojo Ni Shukufuku Wo 20p 420 Art Craft (safe) doujinshi - Magi - 思春期マスルールくん家出をする 1099Z 20p 455 doujinshi - ore no imouto - DL 63 20p 420 doujinshi - Prince Of Tennis - Kiss Me Baby 愛422 28p 600 doujinshi - sword art online - DL 72 36p 735 doujinshi mado magi - maho shojo nidoujinshi - Street Fighter - Chun-Li CHNBL - Popin' Rabbit Circle - 36p 780



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