Super Sonico 1/2 Figurine

super sonico bikiniSuper Sonico shakes the hobby world upside down with a 91cm high statuette! 

It seems like nothing can resist Super Sonico, the sexy generously shaped image character of Nitro+ Company!

Since her appearance, our favorite pink-haired girl (sorry Madoka!) has been declined in every kind of figure imaginable. Nendoroid, Figma, 1/7 scale, 1/8 scale, chibi, diorama-like… She also had a lot of prize figures (be it UFO catcher figures or Ichibankuji lottery ones) and her popularity never seem to go down.

Nitro+ and A-Toys decided to release what is going to be the most impressive hobby item of 2013 at her image :

A 1/2 scaled, 91 cm tall, ultra-detailed figurine! 


The design chosen is quite simple compared to other Sonico figures but it has a great summertime feel to it. 61v7Kvr24RL._AA1500_ 71aZHEs4aVL._AA1500_ 61PVGZDTAiL._AA1500_

Even with the difficulty of sculpting a figure this size, i find the body shapes well proportioned and well rendered. Or is it maybe because I like a-bit-chubby-but-not-too-much girls?


A lot of effort has been obviously put on rendering the bikini texture.

71mJxBEPbxL._AA1500_ 61kVoGwrsAL._AA1500_

This picture gives a clear idea of the unusual size of the figure (statue?w).


This masterpiece (and must-have for any Sonico fan) will be released at the end of July 2013.

You can pre-order it at Direct Japan store for 540 USD with shipping included! 

(Worldwide delivery through EMS postal service – usually takes 3-5 days!)

Every order will come with a special Super Sonico gift!



  1. I’m with you on this. I really like this Super Sonico figure. Will definitely have to get =^_^=

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