New Be@rbrick Releases! (may 2013)

While I still don’t get what is so great about Be@rbrick and Kubrick vinyl toys, I guess the fans are bursting with impatience until the next new batch of figures.

Today (29th may 2013), Medicom Toys release 5 new items in the ‘Greetings’ series.

The new Be@rbrick are all 50% (the jargon for 7cm tall).

Here are the photos :

be@brick baby 2

Be@rbrick – Birth 2 
be@rbrick congratulations

Be@rbrick – Congratulations (Omedetou) 

be@rbrick happy birthday

Be@rbrick – Happy Birthday 3 

be@rbrick omamori

Be@rbrick – Omamori (family protection version) 

be@rbrick wedding 3

Be@rbrick – Wedding 3

I think the third one, decorated as a traditional protection amulet like the one you can purchase at japanese shrines and temples, looks really great.

I am no so fond of the new Wedding one but the completists will enjoy it, I am sure.

Anyway, these items are available at DIRECT JAPAN official webstore. If you have any question, drop us a line!



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