Super Sonico – Sweets And Bikini

51Tp55RA+NL._AA1200_Super Sonico Figure Preview (again!)

Sorry if I am redundant but I can’t help it : Super Sonico (the image character of Nitroplus company) has so many beautiful figures coming up that I need to write about it and introduce them to you, dear PVC lovers.

For those of you (and I think it will be everybody) who can’t afford the ultimate 1/2 scaled BIGGER THAN LIFE super sonico summer figure, there is still a very nice item to display in your room to impress your otaku friends :

The SUPER SONICO – Sweets & Bikini figure!


A cool relaxed posture, a diorama feel with all the little accessories (look at the details on the cakes!) and an overall cuteness / sexiness overload… This is Super Sonico at her finest! 61E8RA5kHTL._AA1200_ 61FsaAwROGL._AA1200_ 61IlBVFYEAL._AA1200_ 615eWm54eOL._AA1200_ 618x2Ju9EQL._AA1200_ 619yekcpLnL._AA1200_

RELEASE DATE : 30 October 2013




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  2. Anne's Anime Blog

    I love Sonico b/c advert-wise she’s sluttier than the Vocaloids, and I find her cuter:) There is just so much going on here, though. Dessert, tea, the radio, and playing with cats? Too much. Still debating picking up this figure, though.

    • mei

      I can only agree with you about the slutty edge Sonico has on the Vocaloid characters. She still manages to remain cute, which is always a difficult thing. With Sonico, the balance is right.
      Anyway, I can understand how you feel about this figure but, personally, I find it very interesting. It is always good to get figures different than the character just ‘standing’. This one is a bit different and if you feel like there are too many accessories, you can still just display our favorite slutty-cutie Sonico!


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