Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator) ASS-117A – 1/35 model kit

90’s gamers are going to cry tears of happiness…

Assault Suits Valken (known as Cybernator in the west) may be one of the most underrated soft in the whole Super Famicom / Super Nintendo catalogue.

Released in 1993 by Konami in the West, the game failed to find its audience (maybe due to the terrible name chosen for the international version). But it is still one of the most solid and hardest game you can enjoy on your old SNES.

Typical 90’s run&shoot game (ala Contra/Probotector), Valken has 7 epic levels, a bunch of enemies to destroy, a great mecha-design (by Satoshi Urushihara, the man behind Legend Of Lemnear, Chirality, Plastic Little…) and a level of difficulty that nowadays kids won’t be able to comprehend.

Valken is a great game and if you never tried it, I cannot recommend it too much.

Please check this awesome test on 8 Bit Horse, it is the most complete I could find on the web.


Well, even if Valken/Cybernator is now almost completely forgotten, a new model kit of the main mecha is going to be released in Japan during the summer.

I cannot express how much I am excited by this news!

Thank you Japan for all the wonderful items you are making and selling!

Here are the preview pictures :

pm_31_a pm_31_b pm_31_e pm_31_f pm_31_g

Valken – Cybernator 1/35 ASS-117A Valken booster unit (model kit)

$124 (shipping included) 

RELEASE DATE : 31 August 2013 



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