Nendoroid – Madoka Kaname (maiko version) preview!

5f49e2f3cb2ae27ac7fc50c1257c70a8Release scheduled for July 2013!

From all the recent anime, Madoka Magica is certainly the one who sold the most PVC dreams to otakus over the world during the last few years. That is easy to understand because it is simply a terrific show, way more complex and deep that you could think at first glance.

But the moe thing about every of the five main characters make it very easy for hobby brands to produce cute and irresistible figures. And at this game, Good Smile Company knows the business. They also know how to create the buzz with exclusive figures for the upcoming otaku conventions (also known as summer).

This adorable Nendoroid of Madoka as a maiko (apprentice geisha) is the (almost) living proof of that statement.

A really nice outfit, cute accessories and three different faces (laughing, smiling, closed eyes) for this non-scale figure which will be available at Good Smile Company booth at Anime Expo in the US and Japan Expo in France.

For those of you who won’t be able to attend any of these two big anime events, don’t worry, the figure will be available for pre-order during a month at GSC official website. Direct Japan will carry of few of them also, so stay tuned and check our official webstore and our ebay store to grab your Nendoroid!

Here are the designs who filtered already :

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