Figure Preview! Kirino Kousaka (One Piece Version) – 1/8 scale (Alpha Max)

719ckWUq8GL._AA1500_RELEASE DATE : 31/12/2013!

 Well, the figure of today has still a long way to come from Japan to ornate one of your shelves but I just cannot NOT talk about it.

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai is one of the strongest anime series to have seen the light of day during the last few years and, even if the show is far from being perfect (which could lead to the existential otaku question : is there a perfect anime?), Kirino is definitely one of the most charismatic moe character right now.

You got it, I love her.

She has a weird and eerie cuteness about her that set her apart of our (boring) real world and make you want to live in 2D universe.

The amount of Kirino figures who has already been released added to the one scheduled for the second half of 2013 makes it hard for Ore Imo fans to keep up, I know. But this new product from Alpha Max (a brand not known for the quantity of figures they produced but most for their high quality) will certainly find its way in the year-end want-list of the true Kirino fans.

This ‘One Piece Version’ (nothing to do with the eponymous anime, obviously) has a great level of details and a solid work has been done on the skin, hair and clothes textures. It almost seems like Kirino’s dress is about to whirl around in a cool summer breeze. I love the cute and slightly-loose socks she is wearing too.

I find this figure manages to be sexy without being outrageous. You know, just moe but not vulgar. And this is the perfect mixture in my humble opinion.

But enough talk and let’s appreciate some pictures of this fine piece of PVC :

81B6WeuoYiL._AA1500_ 81Gnwa0QKZL._AA1500_ 81Rgxl05MHL._AA1500_ 81tJimiyuFL._AA1500_ 81ttj94JJ1L._AA1500_ 81vwgOO9sdL._AA1500_ 91B5vun26GL._AA1500_ 91CidfqLqJL._AA1500_ 91eq66Ild+L._AA1500_ 91YXFpRDHYL._AA1500_

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai 
KIRINO KOUSAKA – One Piece Version 
1/8 Scale 
Alpha Max 

RELEASE DATE : 31/12/2013 




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