The 10 Best Kashiwazaki Sena Figures!


The Best 10 Kashiwazaki Sena Figures! 

Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai TV animation is my current favorite sexy anime character.

And for this simple reason, I introduce you to the 10 Sena related must-have items!

Sena Kashiwazaki 1/7 Scale PVC Figure (Good Smile Company) 

Let’s start with a rather soft figure from Good Smile Company. This 1/7 scaled painted PVC figure may not reflect the sexy nature of Sena but the brand is well-known for its capacity to reproduce dynamic movement in their products. And this one is no exception to the rule.

There has been a good amount of work done on the skirt and hair ‘movement’ and I guess this is the ideal Sena figure for the fans of Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai who don’t want to have items too close to Hentai territory.

With 21.5 cm of height, this is also a stand-out item among all your Figma and Nendoroid.

71jueqnWWIL._AA1455_ 61WX6T1FEyL._AA1455_$87 at DIRECT JAPAN WEBSHOP! 

Sena Kashiwazaki – Monster Hunter Version (Griffon Entreprises)

For those who prefer a tougher version to their Sena, I can only recommend this 1/8 scaled PVC figure by Griffon Entreprises. 18.5 cm tall so still a good deal of PVC goodness.

Not to mention that this figure has a very particular design, far from the classic school uniform / summer bikini ones. With her huge sword (which kind of remind me of this good ol’ Soulcalibur on Dreamcast), Sena never looked more bad-ass!

Not my favourite Sena figure but still a nice one :




Sena Kashiwazaki – High Priestess (Megahouse)

Quite similar to the Good Smile Company figure (see above), this Megahouse product has a slightly more sexy edge to it. Yes, you guessed right, you can actually see Sena’s underwear if you look closely.

The uniform skirt is also removable I have been told. Not that it makes a big difference right? Hehehe.

Well, this figure is not the most detailed one, nor has the most exciting design. But the good point is that it is maybe the cheapest of this selection! At $68 (shipping included), this is quite a bargain to say the least.

71gKhmao5pL._AA1500_ 71nIZ+pq7TL._AA1500_


NENDOROID – Sena Kashiwazaki (Good Smile Company)

Hard not to include the Nendoroid version of Sena in this list.

Like every Nendoroid, this figure have a super-cute design, three design faces and multiple accessories. You can recreate key-scenes from the original anime and change the look of your chibi-figure if you grow bored of it.

This is just the cutest version of Sena available on the market right now. If you are not allergic to non-scaled chibi-design figures…

61wG0e3BalL._AA1455_ 61l+-alRE8L._AA1455_ 71QThhd+rPL._AA1455_ 611IQc6ArnL._AA1000_


TWIN PACK – Kobato Hasegawa & Sena Kashiwazaki (Phat Company)

Not a Sena figure per say but when you have the chance to get two figures for the price of one, usually you don’t refuse the offer.

This is what Phat Company offers with its Twin Pack collection. Two non-scale cute figures in a single box. For Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, Sena is coupled (!) with Kobato Hasegawa which is far from being a bad choice.

Despite a design close to the Nendoroid from Good Smile Company, the Twin Pack figures don’t have different faces and replacement parts.

I really like the fierce expression Sena has on this figure. Strong, cute and in her school uniform. What can you ask for more?



SENA KASHIWAZAKI – Bikini Version (Alpha Max)

First, I have to say that I really like Alpha Max and their figures. They are not releasing many figures and they sure put a lot of effort into creating nice, realistic and refreshing items.

This 1/7 scale (24 cm) PVC version of Sena will certainly be my first purchase for the summer season. You know, some people enjoy going to the beach. I enjoy buying figures of cute girls who are going to the beach. We are on a different level, i guess. Anyway…

As you can see with the picture, Alpha Max did a great work on the skin and hair textures. You can almost feel the softness of Sena’s skin just by looking at her curves… Well, maybe my imagination is going wild but I can’t help but think Sena’s skin may be the softest thing on earth… Let me dream!

61VFcUND7cL._AA1350_ 618MHWgdOuL._AA1350_



Another summer special with the famous Beach Queens Collection from Wave. The usual 1/10 scale, the usual high level of details and overall quality…

This Sena figure shines also by its sexy pose and fine work on the hair (very important aspect of Sena’s cuteness!).

Both Sena fans and Beach Queens completists will enjoy this item!

61GcB15rVsL._AA1205_ 61lJI0O-+qL._AA1204_ 61SeWGCuJvL._AA1205_


SENA KASHIWAZAKI – Odoriko Version (Griffon Entreprises)

Since Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai NEXT aired on japanese television, a bunch of new figures has been released. Griffon Entreprises made this eye-catching ‘dancer’ version of Sena.

Incredible good rendering of the light-clothing and hair movement, this 1/8 scale figure has everything to please the fans.

Slightly erotic with staying away pure hentai territory, this is a refreshing and cheerful item.

41JD3RntKiL 4134QFRJdmL 417pOHKV-EL


SENA KASHIWAZAKI – Gym Clothes Version (Griffon Entreprises)

My personal favorite. Because I just love the japanese gym uniform the girls have to wear. You will understand by looking at the pictures.

Another great item by Griffon Entreprises : 1/8 scale, lots of details, generous curves, great skin texture… It is the usual standard of quality from this brand. I wonder why this brand isn’t more famous like, let’s say Kotobukiya or Good Smile Company. Their figures are just top-quality and have great designs.

41ciT6NLMiL 41n+Jn2MsgL 41XJNoPU3DL



The last item on our list is for those of you who are not scared to add a little spice to their figure collection.

1/6 scale PVC figure : 15.6 cm of height for a sitting figure.

Great outfit for our favourite moe character. Look at the stockings! The little bells! The general erotic atmosphere!

This figure is a true masterpiece!

71avNKzNqJL._AA1300_ 71mi7JBGRiL._AA1300_This figure has not been released yet. And it is not available for pre-order yet either.

A little more patience!



  1. Anonymous

    i want the Sena Kashiwazaki Cat costume Figure, tho it hasnt been released and the pre order was only until nov 23 i think!!! ='(

  2. Those are really pretty figures to have.. =3

  3. Anne's Anime Blog

    I love Sena. Have the Beach Queen & Odoriko Version of her. Plan on picking up the cowgirl version of her. I have a thing for cowgirls. Don’t think there are enough out there in general:P


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