Katsuaki Ishibashi X Masahiro Shoda X AKB48

Beautiful record cover designs.

Even if I don’t care that much about AKB48 (except for the Minegishi incident, the Heavy Rotation PV and the cuteness of Mariko Shinoda), sometimes the simple fact that an idol supergroup this popular simply exists brings good side-effects.

AKB48 releases MANY singles. And those singles have MANY different versions, mostly their cover designs. And to make cover designs, you have to find MANY designers.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the works of the design duo Katsuaki Ishibashi and Masahiro Shoda.

Based on photographs taken by the latter, the former play with shapes and colors to create record covers playing with the standard japanese idol image.

I like the way they avoid basic fan-service by simply not putting the idol faces on the covers, or confining them in a narrow space. While the members would just make the records sell to the fans, they decide to go on a more difficult way, creating art and slightly distorting the perfect AKB image.


An enigmatic and slightly erotic cover for ‘Aitakatta’


I guess the message is that love is more important than any idol?


A clever play on the paparrazzi / idol weird relationship in Japan. And the song is about the japanese idol golden rule : ‘no boyfriend’


Just project mentally your own idol in the black shapes.


Another faceless and slightly erotic take on ‘Aitakatta’. With the usual school uniform / bicycle fantasy



team-k-3rd-stage-nounai-paradise-akb48 team-k-4th-stage-saishuu-bell-ga-naru-akb48 team-k-5th-stage-sakaagari-akb48 team-k-6th-stage-reset-akb48



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