Tokyo Otaku Guide – Print Mouse (Nakano Broadway Mall)

Nakano’s Broadway Mall being the compulsory stop that it is for any anime fan on a trip in Tokyo, we are starting a series of articles about the best shops there :

And the first one is : 

Print Mouse

print mouse

Print Mouse is a small store on the second floor of the Broadway Mall. At the difference of the many anime shops around it, Print Mouse doesn’t sell figures, goodies or DVD boxes. This store concept is a bit more original and creative.

Print Mouse offers a personalized and high-quality printing service for your Iphone, PSP, PS Vita, 3DS, IPad, MacBook and even your computer keyboard!

With an obvious propensity for kawaii, moe, anime themed designs.

The printing has a very good quality and the service is really fast : if you bring your design in the proper format, you get your item printed in less than three hours!

Take a look at the kind of products they can offer you :

99e574d29OH61 271ZT

Next time I will introduce you to good figure shops to spend the three hours waiting for your new IPhone Case to be ready!

See you soon!



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