Star Wars ‘the japanese way’


Japanese culture played a huge role in the Star Wars genesis. Classic Akira Kurosawa’s movies were among the main inspiration for George Lucas when he started to write the original script, the lightsabers fight scenes are being very close to old samurai flicks and the whole Yoda character is finally just a zen master (only from another galaxy).

Star Wars owes a lot to Japan.

And Japan loves Star Wars.

We could talk during hours and hours about the love japanese people gave to the franchise over the years :

the baseball games :

cool star wars photos darth vader, c3p0 and storm trooper playing baseball[7]

the high-school girls hitting on Darth Vader during recess :


or the chewy-themed lunch boxes that every loving japanese mother cook for their kids :


But I’d rather use this forum to talk about a collection of japanese traditional-styled hand towels with awesome Star Wars designs :

61EbklyLpXL._AA1152_ 61Jma5vIaxL._AA1049_ 61Tuovve06L._AA1049_ 61WiFxwS1VL._AA1049_ 612A-0rl8TL._AA1152_ 612aiS-4OGL._AA1152_ 614iRsCmlJL._AA1058_ 714Sfw-ifsL._AA1049_ 6151Qy4fboL._AA1049_As i had the chance to hold one of these in my hands, I can tell you that the towels are of very good quality (the maker declares that they are crafted in a traditional/secular/older than western civilization kind of way) and even if i don’t find this kind of hand towels very useful (I managed to live until now without ever having to use one so I think I can keep on), the designs are really what make them worth your money.

Just think of them as decoration items : you can perfectly hang them on your bedroom wall and give an oriental-geeky atmosphere to your place.



  1. Those are some awesome artwork! perfect for bookmarks! 😀


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