FIGURE PREVIEW : Nisemonogatari – Hitagi Senjougahara (1/8 PVC – Kotobukiya)



Hitagi Senjougahara had her share of beautiful figures in the past (a super-detailed 1/8 scales one by Good Smile Company and a 1/7 scaled sitting-pose one by Alter, just to name the two most spectacular ones).

This time, Kotobukiya offers her another very special item :


The accessories give this 1/8 scaled figure almost a diorama feel to it. You can change Hitagi’s pose a little with the help of a different arm :

o0560065012662224963 (I prefer the more threatening pose with the handcuffs personally).

You will also be able to choose between the classic haircut and the new short-haired Hitagi :

o0560065012662224327 o0560065012662224326

That gives you four different patterns to choose from!

The face is well-rendered and the character posture (combined with the admirable work on her clothes) give a ‘light’ feel.

But mostly, this is the shady ‘dark’ atmosphere surrounding the character which makes this item so special. It is not so usual for bishoujo figures to get this kind of treatment.

But Hitagi is not a very usual character so I guess that makes sense.

As usual with Kotobukiya, every detail has been taken care of : take a close look at the shoes, the hair and the liquid!

o0560050012662221193 o0560050012662153925 o0560040012662153993

No release date has been announced for the moment and the pre-order are about to be available from the Kotobukiya website.

So keep in touch, we will get this figure available as soon as possible!



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