{FALL 2013 – ANIME} ~ COPPELION anime adaptation finally gets aired!


Coppelion is among the best Sci-Fi manga series to come out of Japan during the last few years. Tomonori Inoue just resurrected the post-apo cyberpunk-flavored japanese style that was so flourishing during the 90’s with a story taking place in a post-nuclear accident Tokyo in the near future.

Even his drawing style is somewhat reminiscent of those pre-Moe era anime filled with violence and cybernetic-modified humans we used to watch in awe in those good ole days (give me back my Manga Video tapes!).

img_629672_20192614_11Post-Apo depictions of Tokyo will forever be associated with Akira. And I love Akira. 

I am just a bit disappointed that he chose three high-school girls to explore this radiated and deserted future version of Tokyo. I mean, it’s like he had to give a little something to be accepted by this moe-moe-era audience…

Anyway, Coppelion is a nice blend of action, mystery and exploration. The pages are filled with giant robotic creatures, blood thirsty animals, people gone crazy… and pretty everything you could expect to encounter in a gigantic place like Tokyo 20 years after a nuclear storm.


Started in 2008, it took a bit of time to Coppelion to know a wide enough commercial success for a production company to take notice. Anyway, it was done by 2010 when the Coppelion TV anime series was officially announced.

But march 2011 came and with it, the Fukushima disaster.

Due to striking similarities between the manga and the reality, the production company and the broadcast channel decided at the time to postpone the show to avoid hurting anyone.

Two years forward and here we are! Coppelion the TV anime is finally ready to get aired!


Just by seeing the Promotion Video released on the Star Child Website, it looks like it was worth the wait!

The background is particularly well-rendered with lots of details but I find the chara-design to be quite nice too. You can feel that Coppelion has its own graphic touch just by looking a few minutes of it, which is always a good thing.

I don’t know, I cannot find a bad thing to say about the short video. It simply got more excited about the idea of finally being able to watch one of my favorite manga brought to ‘life’!

Please take a look :



  1. But, I am glad that it was GoHands that adapt this series….. their work is so beautiful and fabulous!!! (Those graphics…omg, very fitting for this)
    p.s. (rant) I don’t know why, but no one’s picking up the manga series to translate it? It’s like… not even on the 4th volume yet…TT.TT (Jap went to volume 19 and 20’s coming out during winter this year…. I COULD NOT wait and just go ahead and DL and read the raws…@_@”)

  2. I love Coppelion series … it’s so wonderful+fun >w<!!!! (well and sad…orz")
    A bit too sad that the anime removed/cut alot and LOTS of good moments/details from the manga due to short airing time (just 13 eps……..)
    Naruse Ibara iinchou is among my top ten fav gals xDDD!! She's so awesooome!


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