Let’s go to… a Host club!?

What a host club actually is?


There is a short documentary video explaining it.

So yeah, this is exactly how it works: you pay men in suits with perfect hairstyle to pour you drinks and entertain you by talking.
Is mostly popular among lonely japanese women (with a loooot of money).

Hosts get clients by approaching girls on the streets.

Most popular host area in Tokyo is Kabukicho.



First visit usually cost 1000 yen per hour (10$) but from the next time you will have to spend like 100-500$.

They will encourage to open a champagne  (most expensive one reaches $US 30,000!!) which you will have to share with all of the hosts what means you will barely get a glass.


Inside of the clubs looks really glamorous.




There are some mangas/animes which revolve around host clubs (for example Bloodhound).

From my own experience, I have to say that going to a host club is… super fun!
Oh well at least when you go for the first time (so you have to pay only 10$ ★d(-_^)).

It’s perfect for a girls night out.


…shall we go?




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