NEW! Item for RESIDENT EVIL FANS/GUN COLLECTORS! – Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Gas Gun

Tokyo Marui vs. Resident Evil (special collaboration)!!


According to the story of Resident Evil, “Samurai Edge” is a custom hand gun exclusively invented for S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) made famous by the character Jill Valentine. This is a really exciting collaboration for fans and collectors alike. The gun was created by Joseph Kendo, brother of Robert Kendo the famous gun maker from Raccoon city, and brought to life by Tokyo Marui. He named the gun “Samurai Edge” because the shape of slide line looks like a samurai sword. Police Chief Brian Irons approved the Samurai Edge in February 1998, S.T.A.R.S members, namely Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Albert Wesker, tested the gun. After some adjustments the completed Samurai Edge was issued. There are 4 custom models besides the standard model, Jill Valentine Model is just one of them.



Blowback: Gas gun
System: Changeable hop up system
Total length 216mm
Weight: 961g
Number of bullets …can be loaded: 26

Price: $299 (shipping free)


Even though this gun and its background story are fictional, this gas gun is really awesome. A massive amount of effort has gone into making this as realistic as possible.

The Jill Valentine Model is the closest to the standard model. Other Samurai edge models place an importance on operability and its slide stop lever are usually long type. In this case the Jill Model is short type and this means that it is closest to the Beretta M92F, whilst not affecting performance.

You can really feel Tokyo Marui’s effort if you actually see and touch the gun. It weighs 1kg and has a natural feel and comfortable grip.


The grip is a hybrid custom combined with wood grain and rubber. This will allow you to grip the gun easily. You can find the light blue medallion in the center of the grip, as you know, this is Jill Valentine’s personal color.


The slide is “Brigadier Slide” which is common in Samurai Edge models.

More good news is that the hop up is changeable, you can adjust the hop up as you like by removing the slide from the frame and revolve the dial in the lower part of chamber.

Live-fire performance has not been affected and has no issues.
I have no doubt that this is an essential piece for, not only, Resident Evil fans, but also model gun collectors as well! Don’t forget that this is a limited addition piece.


(Performance from 7m with 0.2g BB)



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