Little paper art – Japanese castle paper models

Do you enjoy cutting, folding and gluing?

Maybe paper art is your passion?

Or maybe you just want to try making your little Japanese paper castle?

Then these series are perfect for you!




Osaka Castle


Himeji Castle


Matsumoto Castle

51-kR03EKzLNagoya Castle

To show you if it’s worth trying we tried doing one by ourselves!

We chose Nagoya Castle…





Cut, cut, cut…


Ready to fold pieces



Fold, glue and…


I did it for a first time and maybe my model does not look perfect but what I have to say it’s that it was fun!

Depends on your manual skills it takes around 1 hour to have it done. English instructions are included together with picture manual which makes putting the pieces together easier.

Even if sometimes it will take more time or you will have some difficulties with putting it together the right way I think it’s really worth trying (especially because of its beautiful design).

Little by little pieces of paper turn into a castle what makes you feel satisfied!

Do you want to try??

Visit our store on eBay to get your paper model!(Japanese castles and others available) ⇒ DirectJapan eBay

Good luck!






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