Become super kawaii maid today!!!

What is a Maid proficiency exam?


Being a maid is one of the most popular jobs in Japan even though the job content is different from the original meaning. Most maids belong to one business such as a maid café, maid massage salon, maid restaurant, etc. Their job is to treat guests as their “masters” (or “mistresses”) calling them “Goshujin-sama” (my master) or “Ojo-sama (my princess)”. They usually work just like waitresses but sometimes show their dancing or singing skills to entertain guests. While staying in a maid café or restaurant, guests experience the thrill of being fantasy masters (maybe they can forget their hard day in the real world?) and enjoy the show and talk.

The Maid role is becoming more varied and increasing in numbers, generally populated by innocent young kawaii (cute!) looking Japanese girls. To regulate, the Japan Maid Association started the Maid Proficiency Exam to keep up a high quality of maid. The exam was started in 2007 and has 3 levels from beginner to professional.

The examination subjects are usually a “paper test”, “cooking”, “sawing”, “cleaning”, and “manner”. All girls aged over 15 can take the exam but this is not easy because for the paper test they have to memorize the history of the “maid”, maid culture was born in the UK in the 19th century. The pass rate is expected to be over 80%(!!!).


Even though this is still not a compulsory exam, a lot of girls who want to be a maid apply for this exam every year, because if they have Level 1 certificate they can write it on CV as an authentic license and this license may help them work in the major maid cafés such as Maidream in Akihabara! If you are interested in working as a maid in Japan, why don’t you try this exam?

You can learn about the maid history and understand their minds deeply and maybe get a job in Otaku’s holy land, Akihabara.   


(Even though you are not Japanese, you can take this exam!!!!)


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