*********************SUPER SONICO BATHTIME FIGURE*************************



Today we bring you this very short but excellent review of the  SUPER SONICA BATHTIME figure!!! Thats right you could own your own Super Sonico scene!  As the mascot of Nitroplus shes famous for her pink hair, headphones, and big bust! That’s right boys! BIG BUST! 





Ohh shes getting out of a bath! Oh no! Is her towel going to fall off?



Oh shes got a little friend as well!


Just look at the detail of this awesome figure! Woah what a beauty! What a duck! Her posterior is being discreetly held up by a small but sturdy rest. The little cute figures come as extras as well. There’s  a duck, frog, and something green that I don’t know what it is.  There are also two interchangeable towels, or if your feeling like it no towel! Oh boy! All I can say is it this figure blew me away. I’m not even joking. Quite literally blew me away. Tonite when I’m in the bath I will dream about Super Sonica! For Sure!


One comment

  1. I want this lol *_*


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