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Welcome to the Direct Japan blog!

super sonico welcomes you!

You’ll find here your daily dose of otaku culture directly from Japan : anime, figures, idols, oddities, comics, shops and much, much more!

Here’s a brief overview of the different categories and series of articles you can find on our website :


Pretty self-explanatory but let’s get into the details.
In the music section, you’ll find posts about recent records (Record Of The Week), vintage japanese singers (Legends Of Kayoukyoku),  classic rock bands (The 100 Essential Records of Japanese Rock) but also the worst idol units the japanese music industry has to offer (J-Pop Inferno) and a whole lot of MOMOIRO CLOVER Z related stuff.

momoiro clover z


The world of japanese anime figures and model kits can look like a wild and unexplored jungle for the newcomer. Hopefully, the posts in this section will help you see a bit clearer in this wonderful mess. Gundam model kits, Gachapon, Ichibankuji, UFO Catcher Prize Figure, FIGMA, vintage toys, Revoltech, D-Arts… Soon, you’ll know everything there is to know to get the best items from Japan!


Gigantic, noisy, overwhelming… A lot of superlatives can describe Tokyo. But the best is still to offer you nice photos of it. From the sea of neon lights in Shinjuku at night to the futuristic town of Akihabara, Direct Japan will help you discover the most fascinating city in the world.
We’re also working on a City Guide where we will reveal you to the best shops, bars and restaurants.


Comics and animes have been the main media by which japanese culture spreaded around the globe. In this section, we will introduce you to the new exciting series (Manga Of The Month) as well as classic ones (Cult Japanese Comics). Expect also focuses on particular mangakas who helped define the genre or pushed its limits.



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