Figure JAPAN : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Edition

If you are reading this blog then I assume you know about the japanese figure maker Good Smile Company. They produce the super popular Nendoroid series and also distribute the super popular Figma series.

Good Smile Company is a super popular figure maker in Japan.

The company will diversify (a bit) its activity from December 2013 with the launch of its own magazine. Simply called Figure Japan, each issue will be dedicated to a specific anime and will include a special limited figure.


The first issue is a Puella Magi Madoka Magica special edition (MadoMagi still being one of the most popular franchise in Japan right now, GSC doesn’t take much risk with this choice) and will be available in December. The pre-order system will finish at the end of July so you better act fast if you want to grab this deluxe magazine.

Little information has filtered about the contents of the magazine but there is already the prototype of the figure which will be included.

And this is a true beauty.

A 1/10 scale Ultimate Madoka figure scuplted by Hiroshi (Moka Akashiya – GSC, Super Sonico – Gift, Leviathan – Hobby Japan, and the 1/8 scale Ultimate Madoka).

So you already know that it will a work of quality.

Here are the preview images :

FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-1 FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-3 FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-4 FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-6 FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-8 FIGURE-JAPAN-Volume-1-Madoka-Ultime-9

The magazine plus the figure will cost 7.500 yens.


One comment

  1. Can’t wait to see it with colors. 😀


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